There are specific technologies, which are going to have a moment in the year 2019 according to the Forbes Technology Council. Among them are:

Improving automation

Soon, applications and tools will do the routine without demanding additional manual work. This kind of automation can both speed up the solution of work tasks and, in general, facilitate everyday tasks.

Blockchain recovery and strengthening of the positions of AI

The previous year was terrible for the blockchain, but in 2019 new applications will probably appear, and some companies will even make a real breakthrough. Artificial intelligence will continue to develop tirelessly. There is an assumption that as early as 2019, this technology will not only be used for advertising purposes, unscrewed vehicles and search engines, but will center around a sufficient number of other areas, offering solutions for current problems and challenges.

Improvement of interaction between a human and artificial intelligence

In the future, we are unlikely to be able to abandon the use of artificial intelligence, because it offers us tremendous opportunities in the field of programming and robotic process automation (RPA). However, some companies rely too heavily on it, allowing them to participate and make decisions even in areas that they should not have – for example, in finding and hiring new employees. Using unstructured and possibly biased information leads to mixed results.
In 2019, companies will focus on building data sets that are more systematic. Besides, people got to understand that it is impossible to give artificial intelligence too much power in decision-making, so companies will begin to train their employees to work with AI.

Extension of scope of connected devices

There is every indication that in 2019 there will be an even more significant number of home appliances and tools for business. It, in its turn, will bring us closer to creating a connected smart system that will improve our living conditions and facilitate our work.

The inclusion of augmented reality in most applications

Augmented reality is the technology that, undoubtedly, is in fashion. Today developers use it actively making games and entertainment, mainly for mobile devices. In the New Year, augmented reality will continue its expansion of the market, but this time the technology will begin to acquire practical application in everyday life. Over time, developers will start to have a better grasp of how to use this technology; therefore, augmented reality will become a part of most applications.

Enhancing Cybersecurity with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The year 2019 will be a landmark for the world of technology. Current trends show that the issue of cybersecurity is of current interest: machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to ensure a higher level of reliability, which makes it possible to predict and defend against cyber-attacks. Also, taking into account that these technologies are in the process of constant learning and improving, in the future they will be able to respond to such threats much faster.

The changing of technology`s role in our lives

In 2018, we saw how the perception of technology was changing: the media was full of articles and research on the adverse effect of technology on our society, relationships, democracy and so on. However, no one sought to find an alternative solution that could replace the technology, or at least suggest how to regulate its use. Therefore, I believe, in 2019, much of what we are accustomed to using will change completely.

Technology convergence

We are on the verge of a landmark revolution in the world of technology. Everyone already knows such fashion trends as AI, machine learning, blockchain and augmented reality. However, although they all have quite impressive capabilities, now these are only scattered “players.” The convergence of all these technologies, which is waiting for us in the very near future, will allow achieving impressive results. Presumably, a mixture of these technologies will enter our daily lives, which, in its turn, will significantly increase productivity in work issues and everyday affairs.

Advanced Analytics using language generators

Augmented analytics (augmented analytics) using language generators in natural language (NLG) will completely change our perception and analysis of information. It will increase the accuracy of the information received, and organizations and experts will be able to conduct a more in-depth review of the data collected.

Focus on information security

Two thousand nineteen will be the year of information security. Now, most companies seek to get as much data as possible, but they forget that they need to take care of protecting their information. Therefore, massive data leaks will continue this year, as a result of which companies will begin to create information security departments or turn to outsource companies for similar services.

The global reach of e-commerce

E-commerce has dramatically simplified the process of shopping. With its help, we can get much more comfortable, faster and more convenient to purchase the necessary goods. In my opinion, in the future, the number of people using the Internet to order products will only increase, and purchases from tedious, routine and time-consuming duties will
go into the category of “place an order in one click.

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