New video technology trends are appearing on a regular basis. Following those means staying on top of the game. Video technologies give businesses new opportunities to grow, improve the education process, fire up the entertainment industry, and optimize information sharing. The new trends are already here, even if you don’t see them just yet.

Media Optimization

The popularity of video information online is growing faster than mushrooms after the rain. Streamed video content is being consumed at high rates, slowing down websites and decreasing user satisfaction. The new trend in video technologies online is media optimization.

The video file is compressed, the visual redundancies are automatically analyzed and then the video is encoded at a reduced bitrate while keeping sufficient quality for the user. The media optimization technologies can reduce the file’s size by half without losing the original quality.

Innovation Drive

Innovation is essential for business development. The key to the innovations is collaboration. Video technologies are vital to connecting people all over the globe to allow them to come up with new insights and solutions.

Distributed teams are struggling for clear round the clock communications. Professionals need a place to comfortably interact with their teammates and share information. New video technologies are striving to provide seamless communication and support flexible environment. The new trends include cloud-based solutions or LED video walls.

Virtual Reality Streaming

The popularity of virtual reality headsets is growing since 2016. Many millions of them were sold in the past 2 years as prices fall and the computer power improves. VR video is the new trend and can become a platform of choice in the future.

The 360-degree video is a rapidly developing technology, which is conquering the gaming industry before reaching new heights. Sony PlayStation was among the first companies to introduce the high-tech VR headset. VR streaming is breaking new grounds. More is yet to come.

Videos In Education

Videos are becoming a vital part of online education. Such platforms as Udemy and Teachable have already made videos the foundation of their education process. As online education is becoming more and more demanded, the video technologies are trying to keep up with it. More sophistication in streaming and recording is required for improving the education quality.

High-Quality Video Demand

4K and Full HD video are becoming integral to the modern communications and entertainment. As virtual reality streaming is edging its way into the consumer’s life, high-quality video is far from being a luxury anymore. The viewers want higher quality and the technologies are upholding the standard.