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Hi-Tech, Low-Tech, and those that are in Between

This article is about Hi-Tech, Low-Tech, and those that are in Between. It is customary to refer to everything related to computers as the hi-tech industry. However, a more careful look at today’s startup scenes reveals a somewhat different picture. The proliferation of powerful scripting languages coupled with the ease of software dissemination over the Internet, not to mention using Facebook, enable rapid and simple development of sophisticated software with extreme ease. Moreover, the availability of extremely powerful and cheap hardware as well as advanced runtime environments manage to run such software fast enough to make them useable and...

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On the Rise and Fall of the Hi-Tech Godzilla

The following article is called – On the Rise and Fall of the Hi-Tech Godzilla. Hi-tech monopolies come and go and their rate of rise and decline is proportional to the rate of change in technology. IBM, the almighty Big Blue, has given way to Microsoft and Intel (the WinTel duo). These days, we are seeing the decline of WinTel, and the rise of Google, Apple, and Facebook. Interestingly, the main reason for the ascend and descend of these monopolies lies in a fundamental paradigm shift rather than the arrival of a direct competitor with better technology, or a...

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