With the advancement of technologies more and more things are becoming possible and embroidery is no exception.

Bernina Embroidery Software 8 introduces the latest advancements for embroidery enthusiasts. Turn your favourite picture into easy-to-stitch design. With its new Color Photo Stitch function and 3D effects any picture will be ready to stitch in no time at all. Another great feature of Bernina 8 is that you can choose any material for stitching like wool, cords as well as classic embroidery which allows you to combine various materials and see what they will look like before you start stitching. This new software will make it easy for you to store all your custom embroidery designs in one library: you can upload, group and search your designs and then easily manage them. It offers plenty of perks and features: automated quilt block layout, color management, advanced CutWork for eyelet embroidery, Positioning with hoop template as well as Multi-Hoop feature which automatically places hoops to cover the entire design surface.

Bernina 8 software is very user-friendly and you do need to have special skills in order to use it: just general computer knowledge. Once you play around with it and get the hang of it you will be able to create custom embroidery designs that you’ve always wanted. If you need your custom embroidery designs to be professionally stitched we recommend Sky Sportswear company. Aside from the wide selection of quality garments that you can decorate with your unique custom embroidery designs they also use cutting edge equipment and a team of true professionals. You can use their online tool to add your embroidery design to the garment of your choice.

So here you are – completely digital and technologically advanced way to get your unique custom embroidery items!