Validator programs have made the lives of business owners much easier. By validating phone numbers, email, and mailing addresses, a business can keep up the contact list hygiene to make sure that the promotional efforts are not in vain.

In the modern world, vital information is tied to the phone number and email. Making online purchases, getting schedule updates, and basic contact is done through these resources. How does validating them work?

Telephone Number Validators

In the past few years, mobile numbers have become more important than passport or social security numbers. This identification data is integral for doing everyday things, such as signing up for services, making purchases, getting offers, and browsing the Internet.

When a business owner manages to get such valuable information as a phone number, he gets a chance to boost profits. He gets an opportunity to make promotional offers, follow up, get feedback, and more.

However, phone numbers vary depending on the country. Not all of them are created equal. Some have fewer digits, others have longer country codes or shorter area codes, etc. In some countries, people write their phone numbers differently than in the others. At the same time, people tend to change their numbers or mistype them when filling out forms.

That’s when phone number validators come in. By checking if the phone number is valid, active, and accepts SMS, these services provide a business owner valuable information and save them a substantial amount of money.

The phone validators allow them to create viable phone lists for their promotional needs. You can either check an individual number in real time or create a list and get help with cleaning it up. Doing all these things manually can take up a substantial amount of time. Phone validators do it within seconds.

The benefits:

  • Identifying if the phone is active before making a promotional call.
  • Having an accurate phone list for timely contacts.
  • Identifying whether the number is mobile or landline in order to take a proper approach to the conversation.
  • Decreasing call center hold times.
  • Enhancing customer experience.

Email Validators

The importance of email validation for businesses can’t be overlooked. Email marketing is one of the most useful tools in advertising. An email address is required to register on websites, sign up for newsletters, and received promotional offers. Any respectable business has a customer email list.

However, emails change as do phone numbers. If you don’t catch a “dead” email on time, you may lose a chance to follow up with a customer using other ways of communication. Or you can continue sending out information to a useless address in case you accidentally misspell it.

The email validator services check for:

  • Email address syntax errors
  • Non-genuine names (suspicions, vulgar, widely used, spammy)
  • Domain mail exchange record
  • SMTP server existence

Email validators can reduce the bounce rate to 1 – 2%, making your advertising campaigns more efficient. Some email validators can be integrated into a registration system on a website. Email validators do individual email checks and work with mailing lists. Some can accommodate large mailing lists up to 500,000 addresses.

Address Validation

When you are shipping products, especially using third party shipping companies, a wrong address can be very costly. Sometimes address forms your software offers are far from being straightforward and customers tend to leave the shopping carts full after being unable to enter their address correctly.

Address validators can be integrated into the software, making sure that you get the right address from a customer while he or she is not frustrated with filling out a form. You can also use online address validators to check the addresses in real time before making a shipment.

Many validators check the addresses against USPS database, which is rather formidable. These tools allow business owners to find out if the address is business or residential. Knowing the right destination and address type allows you to choose the best carrier to deliver the shipment.

Address validators check for such common mistakes as:

  • Missing names (only name or last name is entered and the second one is missing).
  • Misspelled street names
  • Missing apartment or suite numbers.
  • Too much information in one field (e.g. a city is typed into the street field together with the street name)
  • Symbols instead of words
  • And more

Address validators are an integral part of shipping logistics for any business.