There comes a time when a rapidly growing business can not keep up with all the contacts and communications any longer. Every business faces this challenge sooner or later. Those who understand the importance of proper customer relations will actually make it in this world of fierce competition.

We are not talking here about a simple list of contacts in a spreadsheet, we are talking about actual personal relationship with every customer or client, or lead. This is where CRM (customer relationship management) software comes into the picture.

A proper CRM does not only collect the contact information, it actually keeps track of every interaction (not only emails, but all of the communication types, including social media), remembers every detail of every customer relationship you have. When you understand how valuable this information is, you will see how you can achieve your business goals faster and easier.

These are the major benefits a CRM system offers:

  • Contacts organization. CRM organizes the information on all of your contacts, allows you to keep track on who assisted the customer previously, what the issue was and how it was resolved. This information is invaluable when the customer returns (And don’t we all want them to return?). This also allows both your customer support and your sales processes to run more smoothly.
  • Segmentation. CRM allows you to segment the contact by their location, deal they’ve got, date they’ve registered etc. Your marketing team will love this benefit.
  • Fine-tuning the sales process.  The data your CRM system collects is invaluable for your sales. You can see proper reports on everything from emails sent and calls made, to deals closed and revenue made. This allows you to understand what approaches work best, forecast the sales without second guessing, test the sales strategies and spot the most effective and ineffective patterns. All this knowledge will help you effectively grow your business and achieve the goals easily.

So, now that we’ve established the importance of a CRM system implemented into your business processes, let’s see what are the best systems to choose from.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is a quite powerful CRM system that offers a very impressive free edition. All the core functionalities are there, you can add up to 10 team members and use a mobile app to have access to your CRM anywhere. Zoho is a pretty simple system for beginners and small companies.


Now, Netsuite is a CRM system of the next level. This is a cloud-based solution for midsize organizations. The features here are vast, if you want to get all the benefits from it we strongly recommend hiring someone like Netsuite Consulting & Development company Tricension to fine-tune the system for you and teach you all the ropes.


If you want a CRM within your Gmail, than Insightly is a great choice. It integrates with your Google account and even has a similar design, so you will be able to start using it with no drawbacks.