Every year video editing is becoming more and more popular. The success of YouTube entrepreneurs and celebrities is making everyone’s heads spin. Meanwhile, the importance of videos for marketing purposes is hard to overlook. Videos are conquering the planet and it’s time to take advantage of them.

Video editing is not as complicated as it might seem at the first glance. With the right software, even beginners can change the video material to suit their purpose. There is an impressive variety of programs for those, who are starting out, and a great choice for experienced editors.

The leading expert from Dubai digital content studio Astudio.ae offered 6 top video software options in 2018.

Adobe Premier Pro

Even if you don’t have any idea about video editing, you must have heard about Adobe. This is a respectable tool, which offers endless possibilities for video editing regardless of your skill level. You can also connect other Adobe products with this software.

Adobe has an intuitive user interface with a virtual keyboard. This format makes fixing the mistakes easy while you edit. The latest version of Premier Pro allows you to add captions to the video.

Price tag: $19.99 per month.


If you are working with Android, this is the best video editing software you can find. It works with iOS as well. The program is suitable for beginners while professionals also appreciate it. Full-time video editing on your smartphone is easy with the right software. The program has an appealing interface, which is familiar to people, who have worked with video and audio editors.

KineMaster allows you to add layers of images, texts, overlays, and effects one on top of another. You can control the timing and take advantage of many other properties. You can export the videos in 4K and immediately upload them to YouTube.

Price tag: $4.99 per month.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10

While this particular software comes with a formidable price tag, it can be a wonderful choice for beginners. Windows users, who are just starting out on their video editing journey, can take advantage of the new consumer camera trends as well as 360-degree editing options.

The software has a simple and intuitive interface. It features a variety of icon-based controls making it easy to start working before reading the manual. The new version of this program features special effects for part of the video, slow motion and high-speed effects, track opacity adjustments for fade-ins and outs.

Once the video is ready, you can quickly upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Flickr.

Price tag: $69.99 for new users

Final Cut Pro X

Apple users can appreciate this video editor for Mac. The program is suitable for professionals but new users can grasp it in a short while. The number of tools is impressive. The interface is nice to look at. Apple did a great job making the editing experience enjoyable.

You can import all your media elements into the software. Importing and capturing coexist on one panel. No matter where the source of your media is, the program allows you to preview and import easily.

The program features a magnetic timeline. It adjusts the clips automatically when you move them around a timeline. The program allows you to create compound clips. You don’t have to spend time moving a complicated sequence around. The software does it in one step.

Price tag: $299

CyberLink PowerDirector

This program is created for experienced video editors. The new version of this software allows 360-degree footage editing. The program is easy to use. Anyone who has dealt with video editing software can start working with the program immediately.

The program offers a big variety of stabilization and correction tools for a majority of video types. The 100-track timeline, professional effects, motion tracking, trimming, and multi-cam editing are just a few features offered by the program.

The software also provides easy-to-read tutorials that make sure you don’t get stuck halfway through the project.

Price tag: $69.99 for the deluxe version

HitFilm Express

This is a great video editing software for beginners, who don’t want to pay a fortune for their first trials. The program offers an impressive number of online tutorials to allow the user to dive into the world of video editing and swim out unharmed. The learning curve is rather high but the options this professional-grade software offers is incredible.

HitFilm provides over 500 video effects, including explosion, energy distortions, particle emitters and more. The audio editing tools featured by the program is incredible, so you don’t have to use the additional audio-editing software. You can auto-synchronize the audio from different sources.

The effects and graphics of this program allow both beginners and professionals to create high-quality videos.

Price tag: The Express version is free